Election Endorsements Announced

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Sep 28, 2022


In advance of the October 2022 Municipal Elections, the North Okanagan Labour Council has undertaken a rigorous
endorsement process in search of the best candidates for everyday working class folks and friends of organized labour
and trade unions to support in their bid to be elected to municipal positions in the Valley.

The Labour Council reviewed several applications and assessed them on several metrics. These included past experience,
volunteerism, history with unions, involvement with community organizations and NPOs, assessment of critical issues,
their platform, and their positions on topics of interest to labour including, but not limited to, living wages, pay equity,
affordability, housing, the environment, contracting out of public services, public private partnerships, shopping local,
job creation, ethical procurement, and truth and reconciliation.

In order to have been considered for endorsement, candidates needed to submit an application package by the
deadline. If a particular individual was not selected through this process, it either means they did not apply for
endorsement, or that they were not successful in the approval process that was very competitive this year.

The 2022 candidates that received an endorsement from the North Okanagan Labour Council are:

For Kelowna City Council:
• Davis Kyle
• Gordon Lovegrove
• Loyal Wooldridge
• Mohini Singh

For Vernon City Council:
• Kelly Fehr

For Vernon School District 22 Trustee:
• Mark Olsen

Each of these candidates have demonstrated through the application process and in their record that they have a
sincere interest in advocating for the interest of working-class citizens in their respective communities. Each has
demonstrated their commitment to closely working with our organization in the future should they been elected in the
Fall, and we look forward to that opportunity.

Please notify the public that the aforementioned candidates will be supported by our organization and the affiliate
unions that we represent. Affiliates will be responsible for disseminating this endorsement to their members and the
public, but are also free to endorse other candidates as they deem appropriate. For reference, a non-exhaustive list of
the affiliates we represent can be found at https://www.oklabour.org/our_affiliates.

In Solidarity,

Ian Gordon, President – North Okanagan Labour Council
E: [email protected]